Texas hold 'em


Going around in circles,
playing this same game with you.

The music starts,
room spins,
you've taken my chair.

Just a touch and my walls were breached,
crumbling like sandcastles upon the beach.

Handful of Aces,
wishing for a lucky seven,
the die is cast, snake eyes.

Wasting my time,
losing my mind,
all to try and reach what's already gone.

We were never meant to be,
always knew I'd watch you walk away,
you wouldn't give me a reason to stay.

Vacated spot in the closet,
what once was is now forgotten,
take me over, erase the past.

Poker face, such a king of the bluff,
try to read empty emotions in dead eyes,
lead with the Knight, captured your Queen,
checkmate, I've won this game.

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