Another day passes, and as night falls,
you appear by my side,
talk and laugh a while,
learning secrets we've kept hidden,
see you in a whole new light.

Always thought you never saw,
didn't know it was all so clear,
I thought I was alone here.

Feel you with me, only a breath away,
don't have to talk, but you do anyway.

Hate to see you hurt,
now I see where it all went so wrong,
what caused the devastation of a love so strong.

Two phrases I'll never hear, but I'll still stay,
until you ask me to go.

Sometimes that wall goes up, and I try to walk away,
leave you to your solitude.

Suddenly, you reach for me,
stopping my retreat.

My eyes meet yours,
seeking an answer you can't give.

Slowly sit back down beside you,
wait for you to let me back in.

Wondering if this will last, such progress we've made,
mended broken cracks from the past.

Honesty and trust being rebuilt,
we both burned that bridge long ago.

Is it too late to fix?

Daybreak beckons and you look at me,
asking me quietly to see,
you don't want to be alone in your misery.

Your hand still covers mine, and in silence we sit,
watching the world wake.

I know you'll go once the sun rises,
yet you find a way back, meet me half way.

Don't know if this means anything,
you're careful not to say.

But until reality sets in I'm here,
until the dawn pulls you away.

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