Lost in your maze for so long,
unwilling captive to its master.

Breaking free from worn-out chains,
seeing the surface at long last.

I see the way out now,
no longer prisoner, I'm gonna take it.

Cold and alone,
an angel fallen far from home.

You're my poison,
sugar-coated lies from hollow eyes.

My sweet addiction,
couldn't get enough, overdosed.

Couldn't find the door,
finally see through you,
see what I couldn't before.

Released from your cage,
sneak away into the night,
you still haven't realized I've gone.

No longer under your spell,
disillusioned and enchanted no more.

You won't follow this time,
already tired of the games you play,
sitting this dance out.

I don't need you anymore,
I'm cured of your infection.

Won't turn around,
come too far to back down.

Accepted where we now stand,
finally free of you again.

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