Fail safe

My husband

Always thought my walls were bulletproof,

built to keep others out,

only let down on occasion.

Suddenly there's you,

the alarms went off but the walls stayed down,

I can't seem to think right around you.

Barely even know you,

yet I can be honest and true,

what have you done to me?

The walls that were once constructed to defend,

they fail under your sweet smile.

Wondering when I'll come back down,

fall back to reality like I always do.

Yet you take me higher,

and you don't even know.

Not used to caring for someone I've just met,

but I feel like I've known you for longer than we have.

A voice whispers in my ear that I could fall again,

it warns of caution and heartbreak,

yet I can't seem to listen,

my head's in the clouds.

Try to raise those walls but they falter,

the door allows me to choose whether to exit,

yet allows no entry.

Should I come out from behind their shelter

or stay behind broken barriers?

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Had the title in my head but not the words until one day I did

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