Misguided illusions


Long lost love,
forsaken and left to die,
decayed promises, forgotten dreams,
forced away by bitter tears.

Let go of the pain,
force away the memories,
still you linger in my mind,
a haunted soul, hallucinations.

Over-analyzed gestures,
attempts at friendship,
so blindly given.

Drift away on winter winds,
replaced by all too familiar coldness,
gone is the warmth from your smile.

Was what I felt a misguided illusion,
leftover traces of a love gone astray?

Is the veil being lifted,
why do you still haunt me?

You say you don't want to try,
it didn't work before, you didn't let it,
denial, always my enemy.

Why is it so hard to forget you,
why can't I ignore the thoughts,
swimming in circles, dizzying up my mind.

Unspoken words, die on my tongue,
long glances, unnoticed.

Just maybe I thought you'd see the truth,
see through the facade, see what I felt for you.

You see nothing, only what you chose,
your fear blinds you, still you run.

What once was, and what could have been,
they aren't real anymore,
just empty dreams, misguided illusions from a broken heart.

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