Masochist's playground


Fallen angel's crash and burn,

to a world of darkened ruin.

Forgotten futures play their roles,

untouched saviors join the fold.

Fires of hell claim the damned,

lost forever they wander.

Pain and pleasure, one and the same,

in the devil's brutal mind game.

Round and round,

the world spins steadily,

closer to oblivion's dynasty.

One hides, the other seeks,

laughter fades to screams.

Rain turns to blood,

beauty to devastation.

Chaos rules the world of no light,

all good perishes, without a fight.

Flesh and bone,

glory to ruin, ashes to dust,

heaven's corrupt.

The night whispers softly,

harbringers of darkness have arrived,

come to claim their due.

Forsaken promises of eternal tomorrows,

souls left to burn,

all surrender to the masochist's playground.

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