Hole in the world


Two years later, I can still remember it all,

just like it was yesterday.

I felt like the world had stopped,

that I was simply falling,

nothing was going to catch me.

You should have,

but you were gone.

How could you leave,

how could you not know?

I still needed you,

you meant everything to me.

You were my rock,

you held me together.

Can almost hear you singing,

our lullaby as I drift to sleep.

Somehow it feels strange,

like the world should notice..

Still trying to pick up the pieces,

trying to function without your voice,

always in my head.

To everyone else it's just another day,

but not to me, there's a hole in the world,

where you're supposed to be.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

D/T: Chris

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