Fade to the background,

detached, emotionless,

drawn to the dark.

Midnight moon,

why do you cry?

Tears of pearls,

looking down upon the world.

Emotions, restrained,

promised, given, drained.

Reckless abandon,

insanity's companion.

Allured by whispers,

unseen shadows,

blind to the seeker's eye.

Lies sweetly said,

poison to the tongue,

blacken the heart.

Deaden the pain,

raw, weak to the touch.

One by one, petals fall,

softly kiss the earth,

mother of all beings.

Revered, praised,


Everything falls away,

loses it's taste and smell,

bland, invisible.

Sun shining down,

turning from the light,

they run, they hide.

They are without meaning,

mutes, deaf and blind;

the forgotten ones,


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