Angel of Mercy or Pain?


His eyes haunt,
his smile breaks defenses,
constructed to block.

Permitted to enter a forbidden world,
he seeks answers,
to what questions?

The guardian angel,
takes in so many's pain,
while his wounds bleed profusely.

A vision so beautiful,
so tragic, trapped on the earth,
among ruins searching for lost souls.

The path that leads to a paradise forgotten,
happiness he tries to find, he flies,
only to crash, with broken wings.

Watching from the shadows,
he never sees the light,
only the dark, alone.

Everyone has regrets,
atones for something long gone.

Seraph, angel with such sad eyes,
what do you search for,
what secrets do you guard?

Lost and wandering,
alone in your misery.

When will you fly again,
escape the place that imprisons you?

When will the stars guide you home,
to the solitude you seek?

When will you smile,
free of pain,
wings healed and able to fly once again?

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