See them,
see you,
see your mask,
hide your face.

Cold exterior,
doesn't fool me,
break through the barriers.

Never close enough,
trapped inside your castle,
no place left to turn.

Maze of deceit,
trying to find your heart,
broken-hearted failure.

Pictures on the wall,
memories, faces and dreams.

Flickering candles light the way,
a shadow taunts my vision,
darting in and out of my sight.

See through the mists,
into the light,
try to find truth in your lies.

Reading between the lines,
analyzing empty expressions.

A whisper down the hallway,
soft pleas, calling to me.

Trying to find you,
but you're forever out of my reach.

Dances in the dark with a stranger,
embraces with a shadow,
your silhouette.

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