The Pretender


Stuck in the land of confusion,

still trying to understand.

Going over the past few years,

I was your willing slave,

still you threw me away, meaningless.

Said you loved me,

said I was yours,

more lies, that's all they were.

So sweet and tender,

always seemed to care,

once my weakness, now my poison.

You said it didn't count,

obviously it didn't matter,

wish I could forget how nothing felt.

Slowly pulling away,

leaving you behind,

still you don't care to see.

Did you ever feel anything,

or was it all just glamour,

illusions from the master?

Biting back spiteful words,

questions I'll never ask.

Wow, you really had me fooled,

almost believed your lies,

but they were never true.

False emotions,

fake smiles.

Whispered promises mean nothing,

sweetly said to deaf ears.

I can put on a show too,

act like everything's okay.

But we'll never be close like before,

that part of my heart is guarded now.

Wish I could forgive,

but I can't act as well as you,

I'm not that good at pretending.

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