Sick cycle carousel


Feed another quarter into the machine,
wheels turn and lights flash as the ride comes to life again.

Watching the world pass by,
astride a porcelain painted horse,
unable to get off,
just watching it all spin.

Another time I tried everything to make you see,
stood in the lime light,
cried for you to hear,
greeted by whispers,
you're nowhere near.

Why do I play this stupid game?

Why do I waste my time,
why do I care if you end up alone?

Rejected, why do I always set myself up to fall,
perched on a pedestal,
safe from it all.

Sand slipping through an hourglass,
time is flying by,
still I sit here, waiting and watching the sky.

The stars come out to play,
they wink and shine,
too far away, I wish I could climb.

Up to the sky,
soar like an eagle,
leave the miseries of life behind,
watch my pedestal crumble to the ground.

The ride slows to a crawl,
legs numb, I slip from my perch,
walking on unsteady ground,
back into the real world.

Tired of games, tired of caring,
tired of giving a damn,
removed from it all, distant and remote,
watch the world pass through steely eyes,
a stranger among friends.

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