How forever feels


Hearing his voice late at night,
seeing his face when I wake,
nothings ever felt so right.

Seeing him smile,
feeling my heart skip a beat,
can't get close enough to him.

His laughter dancing in my head,
chasing away my dark thoughts,
I forget everything with him near.

Nothing compares to what I see,
what I hear in his sweet voice,
I could never explain how much he means to me.

Lost and drowning in love,
trying to fight the current,
but he's my weakness,
feels like a dream with him next to me.

Stopped believing in fairytales,
love that lasts forever.

When I'm lost in the dark,
he always seems to find me,
and I never want him to go.

A gentle tone,
like a tender touch on my cheek,
and I wonder if he'll ever be mine.

Learning to trust him,
trying not to keep everything inside,
his love and concern heals me,
can't believe how lucky I've become,
to have him in my life.

I don't wonder if he cares,
my fears are always pushed aside,
couldn't love him more if  I tried.

Can't believe how at peace he makes me feel,
hoping my love won't forever go unnoticed.

I know true love now,
one without pain and tears,
now I know how forever feels.

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