Still Here


You’ve pushed everyone away,
don’t want anyone to care,
yet I still stand at your side,
watching you with understanding.

Have every reason to walk away,
had so many reasons to hate you in the past,
so many of my tears were for you.

I watched you hold her,
watched as she took my place in your heart.

Hatred once fueled my heart for you,
but that’s turned into love,
but a different kind than before.

Before, you were the one I wanted to hold,
now, all I want to do is be there,
to catch you and help you stand.

I understand you, your cold words,
they don’t faze me anymore.

There was a time once where you wounded me,
where you tried so hard to push me away.

And yet, I can’t find it in my heart to leave,
and it’s not because that love is still there,
the love I feel for you is more complex,
more conflicting than it ever was.

I no longer wish to kiss you,
wish to hear you say you love me,
those days are only distant memories.

Now, your heart is broken,
as I listen to you cry about love,
all I can do is wish I could help.

You say nobdy cares, but you’re wrong,
I may not be her, but I’m still right here,
next to you, and I’m not walking away.

I can feel your heart breaking,
can see the tears you’re trying so hard to fight back.

I hear the pain in your voice,
and the coldness doesn’t faze me,
doesn’t make me care any less.

You continue to push,
but I’m still here,
waiting for you to break.

Hateful words don’t affect me anymore,
I’ve grown immune to them from you.

So push all you want,
because when you get tired of pushing,
when you look around,
I’ll still be here.

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