Trying to breathe without your oxygen,
trying to feel without your novocaine,
trying to live without your pain.

Feel like myself again,
without you by my side.

Feel like I can breathe again,
without your hand over my mouth.

You wonder why I’ve given up,
watching me walk away,
free of your influence,
cured of your poison.

Drowning in water,
still you won’t save me,
just let me suffocate.

Don’t try to help me anymore,
don’t stay because you promised,
just let me walk away.

Feel your venom,
coursing through my veins,
with every word you never say.

Suppressed anger,
crimson tears,
you always trap me here,
keep me from walking away.

Let me be,
if you love me,
don’t hold me hostage here.

Suffocating in tears,
in the love you can’t give,
save me before it’s too late,
let me escape, set me free.

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