American Soldier


A sentry stands at the gate,

gun in his hand,

uniformed and ready.

He listens to the night sounds,

as patient as could be.

This cross he bears,

strong and true,

never looking back.

His job is forever,

as he stands with honor,

his path is carved in stone.

A family of soldiers,

brothers and sisters,

all united for the cause.

Pride in our country,

faith and hope for the future,

he’s an American soldier.

He’s counted the costs,

knows the prices he has to pay,

and he does his duty,

without faltering, every single day.

Because of his dedication,

his sacrifice in the name of honor,

the world can sleep in peace another night.

One day he’ll have lived his life through,

be buried with veterans,

hearing that 21 gun salute.

Till then he raises his head with pride,

one of the sons of war,

another military man,

another brave American soldier.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

D/T: All our troops and military men!

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