Might as well

Parts of me

Don’t really want to feel,
to let love in the door,
might as well bolt it,
‘cause I’ll never let it near again.

Don’t want to care,
to fight and argue.

Don’t want to be weak,
always playing the fool,
but if I’m going to feel,
might as well be for you.

Don’t want to try anymore,
want to just give up,
let it die, let time pass by.

But still I can’t let go,
every day saying it’s the last time,
then you answer the phone,
and my heart’s captured in your chains again.

If I’m going to hurt,
if love is going to hold me captive,
it might as well be because of you.

Physical bliss,
another empty feeling,
but still I can’t turn away,
your touch brings me peace.

I don’t want to feel,
to use or abuse you,
but if I’m going to lay with someone tonight,
it might as well be you.

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