Whispers in the night


She searches the shadows,
looking for one resting place.

Finding only silence,
among the headstones,
she finds the name she's been looking for.

She kneels at the grave,
the ground is cold and fresh.

As she hangs her head,
meaningless wishes that she could go back in time.

So many months, wasted in hatred.

They could have been close,
she could have made her friend happy.

She feels a breeze touch her cheek,
a soft wind blows through the night.

Looking up, she sees the soul,
the one she thought it was too late to save.

"Stay with me," she cries, "don't go!"

The spirit smiles sadly,
but doesn't need to reply.

Death is coming for her,
it's kiss of eternal peace is near.

A dark figure stands nearby,
the Angel of Death has arrived.

Crying harder, she grieves,
not even bothering to wipe the tears away.

"It's not fair," she yells at the Angel, "You can't take her!"

The robed King smiles,
but stays silent.

"She had a child, she had a life,
how can you take that away?"

Her cries are in vain,
but the spirit comes closer to her.

Blood trickles down her palms,
her nails dig into her hands,
but she ignores the pain.

"I barely know her, how can you take her?"

Sadness overwhelms her,
as the spirit draws still near.

"Don't cry for me my friend," the ghost says softly,
"for I will find peace."

"I'll be happy you see," the spirit comforts,
her voice a beautiful melody.

"I will be remembered, loved for who I was.
Don't cry for me, I don't fear death."

She smiles in her serene way,
trying to ease her friend's pain.

"Not when I have friends, family who will always remember me."

Looking at her spirit,
eyes sad with defeat,
resignation and loss.

Gazing deep into transparent eyes,
she smiles and nods, gathering the strength to stand.

"I will always remember you,
be at peace, my friend."

Author's Notes/Comments: 

D/t: Kris Rivers R.I.P.

Do not fear death, only the unlived life

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