Misery loves company

Parts of me

I've forgotten what it feels like to breathe the free air,
I want to see past these barren walls.

Something is wrong with me,
it hums in my veins.

I'm tired of cradling my pain,
singing it sweet lullabies.

The kiss of the blade addicts me,
soothes me in ways I can't describe.

Tears fall from my eyes,
drown my fears and my will to live.

I war with myself,
wanting to be alone,
wanting to find solace in someone's arms.

I'm tired of feeling no emotion,
want to bleed, to sing, to cry,
anything so I know I'm still alive.

My sorrow is the only thing I have left,
the only friend that hasn't left me.

I walk among grave stones,
the names of countless others like me,
only they couldn't shoulder the emptiness.

Sadness is like a second skin to me,
I know it's touch, know it's voice.

The world I live in is empty, hollow,
but I'm unfazed by it's harshness,
I'm used to it's ways.

I want to feel alive,
feel something other than sorrow.

Goodbye my dearest friend,
I want to be free of you.

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