Parts of me

You think you see me,
you see only a mirage.

So much is just for show,
a masquerade to hide everything else.

Tell me, can you see the truth,
can you tell my lies from honesty?

Or do you just see the illusion,
the girl they all see?

I give out pieces of me,
but there's so much more,
so many secrets buried deep.

No one sees the truth,
that I hide more than they'll ever know.

No one can break my walls,
there are so many,
higher and stronger than you think.

I never share all of me,
no one knows all my stories,
all there is to know.

How can they know,
when no one's looked long enough,
deep enough, tried hard enough to see?

My cold exterior angers them,
I blow hot and cold,
but it's all an act.

I don't want to be known,
don't want people to see me.

So many think they know me,
but they're wrong.

They know only a fragmant,
a layer of who I truly am,
no more than that.

There are so many hidden doors,
so many secrets among the shadows.

No one will ever see all of me,
will ever know my story,
all there is to know.

No one will ever read the truth in my eyes,
no one will ever see beneath the mask.

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