Bloody Promises


The darkness is familiar to me,
a place I find solace.

Images play in my head,
memories I can't shut out.

I loved you once,
gave you everything I had left to give.

You held my heart in your hands,
seemed to really care.

She came along,
and everything changed.

You turned to her,
driving the sword of betrayal through me.

Foolishly, I loved you,
I let my guard down,
and you wounded me.

You made such sweet promises,
I almost believed you,
but you broke every one.

I let you go,
pushed my pain deep inside.

You didn't see, wouldn't see,
you didn't care anyway.

I'm sorry I wasn't enough,
I'm sorry I believed your lies.

I'm sorry I let you so close,
let you hurt me so easily.

You kissed away my tears once,
held me during my worst moments.

You kissed my scars,
helped me heal some of my wounds,
only to give me so many more.

After you, I swore never again,
never would I allow myself to be so vulnerable.

Never will I be made a fool again,
left crying alone in the rain.

I swore never to forget,
to always carry our mistake in my heart,
in my mind, to remind myself not to go there again.

You layed on my chest once, you belonged to her,
you never knew, never saw the silent tears I cried.

I'll never forget the pain you put me through,
I'll never forget the cuts,
that were all because of you.

Never will I allow you so close again,
you'll forever stay only a bitter memory.

You want to be friends,
want me to forgive you.

I can't forgive that easily,
can't forgive the tears you made me cry.

I'll never forget that pain,
never forget all your broken promises.

This is my promise to you,
as a new cut appears from memories of you,
never will your sweet words poison me again.

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