Tango to hell


One step forward,
two steps back,
always the game we're playing.

Hide and seek,
run and catch,
tired of the games.

Learning the steps,
try not to trip,
stumble and fall,
never caught at all.

Try to reach you,
you dance farther away,
quickening your step.

Graceful, elegant,
try to keep my balance,
still you push me down.

Try to fight,
try to flee,
your iron cage holds me in,
won't let me free.

Stay or go,
love you, hate you,
at wit's end.

One step towards me,
two steps back,
too close, you let me in,
pulled away again.

Want to give up,
want to stay,
but this game I can't play.

Music stops,
yet we still dance,
forever we tango in hell.

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