Parts of me

I've lived in this world,
curious to see how it ends.

Love is my weakness,
my prison, my scarlet letter.

So many times, I wanted it to end,
but I've held on, by my fingertips.

I don't believe in promises,
they never come true.

I don't believe in happy endings,
in love conquering all.

I don't believe in happiness,
that which eludes me still.

Give me a reason to hang on,
to feel anything at all.

I've felt so many emotions,
they overpower me.

Give me a reason to keep swimming,
to keep my head above water.

Give me a reason to feel,
to let my guard down.

Give me a reason to stay,
to believe in you, in us.

Because I don't believe in me,
believe in a future.

I don't believe in this world,
that it could work out in the end.

I've fallen from grace,
hit the bottom hard.

I've collected scars along the way,
my own little trophies.

You wonder why I hate myself,
don't get why I avoid my reflection.

Can anybody save me,
give me a reason to believe in love,
to not turn away again?

You tell me you care about me,
that I'm not broken.

I am, you see,
I know I must be broken,
I've never been whole.

You hold my chin,
try to make me believe in your words.

But how can I,
when believing is what's slowly killing me?

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