Trying to forget


I pass all of our old spots and I cringe inside,

I see the place where you asked me to be yours,

how foolish I was back then.

For 2 years we were best friends,

but then we both realized we were lying to ourselves.

We loved eachother more,

but the timing was never right.

Finally, it was, and everything was perfect,

I had you by my side, looking into my eyes with love.

It didn't take long for my happiness to shatter,

you saw to that.

You told me you loved her,

and that we could only be friends.

And because I loved you so much,

I let you go.

I still see trucks and I think of you,

I hear a song that explains the way I feel,

and I'm taken back to that dark room you put me in.

Everyday I watched you slip farther from me,

I tried to hang on at first,

but I realized there was no use, you were gone.

I sit and stare out my window as the cars pass,

and I remember you, holding me.

You swore you would be there for me,

but you lied, you left me long before I left you.

Now we barely speak, though it's easier that way,

if I can't see you, then I won't have to feel that pain again.

You promised me the world, but you lied,

so I don't believe in promises anymore,

you taught me that.

I want to be your friend, I want to hate you,

but all I want to do right now is forget.

Forget that you loved me,

forget that I trusted you with my heart.

Never have I felt so much pain as I did around you,

and it comes back, even now.

So tell me what I should do?

I hate it but I still love you,

which is what I want to forget the most.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

D/t: Mike

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