Making circles

Unrequited Love

Seems like I've spent so much time chasing a tail wind,
trying to find something only to lose it again.

Always when I'm lost in the dark,
you find me there and I'm not alone,
your wings shield me if only for a time.

Grew to care, loved in vain,
always given, never returned,
playing the fool in this endless game.

Thought I was past this,
thought I wouldn't be affected,
yet you got under my skin,
spread like a virus,
can't get you out.

I'm done listening to this same old song,
trying to walk away from the shelter you offer,
I can't let you help me any longer.

When will I learn that it never changes,
you lead me to insanity's gates,
take me to the edge of a cliff and push me off,
only to catch me before I shatter.

Either let me stay or set me free,
loving you is slowly killing me.

Once again I say to hell with this, I'm done,
yet you seem to find my misery fun.

Taking what I have without giving in return,
but that's okay, love is selfless,
has no personal gain, I've had to learn.

Somehow I've found myself where I swore I wouldn't go,
wishing I wasn't staring into that void alone,
where I know you won't follow.

Always watching you turn away,
always to someone else,
another scar on my heart.

I wanted forever, wanted you,
not just today, but for all the tomorrows.

Can't seem to stop this ride,
can't make myself walk away,
when just once I wish you'd truly stay.

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