You say you know me,
but do you,
when you never bother to look?

I break through your walls,
but you don't touch mine,
content just to lock me out.

Fighting the current,
crying out for help,
still you turn away.

Friendship I've offered,
yet you don't seem to want even that.

Open my mouth,
try to breathe the air,
but my lungs collapse again.

Feel like I'm suffocating,
weighed down by gravity,
drowning helplessly.

Try to call for help,
too late, no sound escapes,
fading without relief.

Feel your hand,
reaching out or pushing me down,
I can never tell which.

A cold laugh,
too many masks,
bitten hand,
whenever I get too close.

Do I give up,
like all the rest,
or do I stay,
continue to barely breathe?

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