My head plays tricks on me,
desires I can't fight,
they overpower my common sense.

Such sweet countenance,
an impish grin.

You look at me and smile,
like you know my thoughts.

Try to look back, meet your eyes,
try not to let my feelings show.

I fail miserably,
lost this game once again.

Reach towards me,
expecting what I'm afraid to give.

Such a sweet mouth,
full of wicked beauty, poison.

Wanting to kiss you,
but I can't take that invitation.

The scene plays in my head,
a gentle kiss, your eyes on mine.

A touch of lips, velvety soft,
heaven again, I'd forgotten.

But I can't breach that small distance,
between your body and mine.

Strance signs, confusion,
why do you act this way?

Learned to not quiestion,
yet I can't help but wonder.

Knowing I'll fall deeper,
and hoping you will too.

Wanting you to finally see,
with me is where you're meant to be.

Gathering my courage,
sorting my thoughts,
I'm ready for the next round.

Such a simple thing,
two hearts brushing.
such innosence, all inside a kiss.

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