I’ve watched so many I love

come and go, heart’s closed,

frozen over from pain.

Sometimes I feel dead inside,

can you take this emptiness away?

I’ve watched the faces blur in my mind,

remembering countless words,

promises broken in vain.

I’m tired of feeling nothing,

as I watch them turn away,

tell me, are you here to stay?

Don’t want to let my guard down,

if you’ll only leave too.

Don’t want to hear your voice,

if when you go, it’ll be all I have

left to hold onto.

Don’t want to feel you beside me,

if when I walk the path of my life,

I’ll turn to find you’re not there.

Tell me, are you the one who won’t leave,

can I trust what you promise is true?

Can I learn to love you,

to be happy at last?

Or like always will the darkness

that haunts me forever stay?

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