Fresh start


I feel so confused,

torn between what I want

and what I've fought so long to hang onto.

He was always my best friend,

my brother, nothing more.

I was happy with that,

I told myself it was easier that way.

I fought so hard to keep myself happy,

to remember that what I was fighting for

was worth spending my life doing.

But we got further apart and I denied

our growing distance.

I promised him my life, myself,

but had to walk away yet again.

It never seems to fail,

I get close to someone, then end up

walking away, fighting back tears.

Everyone I've ever known seems to have left,

or I've left them.

Each time a part of my heart is

broken, each time another tear falls.

Tell me what to do,

I want to try again but how,

when there's such a dark shadow haunting me.

Chase away my nightmares,

kiss away my tears,

and hold me close.

But never let me go, don't give up on me,

no matter how hard I fight you, stay with me.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

D/t: Mike, written a while back

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