Don't kiss my tears,
if you'll only cause more.

Don't hold me in your arms,
if you'll only push me away.

Don't look in my eyes,
if what I see in yours isn't real.

Don't listen to my secrets,
if you always hide yours.

Don't answer the phone,
if all you do is yell,
I'm sorry, only wanted to hear your voice.

Don't promise me forever,
if you can't even be here now.

Don't say you're there,
when I can't ever find you.

Don't say you'll save me,
I'd rather you let me fall.

Don't say you won't hurt me,
when it's all you ever do.

Don't say you care,
when it's obvious you don't.

Don't make promises,
you never keep them anyway.

Don't say you're sorry,
I can tell you don't mean it.

Don't sound so sweet,
when you'll only hurt me again.

Don't say you love me,
when all you do is kill me each time.

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