The price of pain


Every time I talk to you,

I try to quell my resentments.

You never seem to care at all,

so why do I?

Once again, without fail,

you manage to stab a sword through me,

finding my weakest spot.

You always know how to twist it just right,

to where it hurts the most.

Anything I once felt for you is gone,

any love that was there is dead now.

Buried in a hole six feet deep,

where it should be, where it'll stay.

Why do I even try?

I made a promise,

yet none of the ones you made to me seem

to matter to you,

so why should this?

Why do you hurt me so much,

seek only to cause me pain?

What have I ever done

to deserve this torture?

But you know what?

I don't care.

Hurt me as much as you want,

at least then I know I can still feel something.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I never knew the meaning of pain and suffering until I fell in love

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