You win


I keep trying to pull you back,

stop you from leaving me behind.

Trying to keep you with me,

to hold onto the sweet love we used to have.

I look at you now,

and a stranger looks through your eyes,

he isn't the man I used to fall for.

You promised so much,

and yet again I believed in foolish words,

now singing my angel's lament,

locked out in the cold.

A simple touch,

a chuckle from you caught my heart,

hoping every time we'd get through it,

wishing I could go back to happier moments,

lost in your embrace.

Your heart is out of reach,

so many secrets behind those eyes,

when will you ever let me in?

Disappointed and angry again,

why do I always find myself back here,

wondering what I'm doing wrong?

Am I pushing too much,

trying too hard, leaving myself vulnerable,

it's not like me to be this way.

I vent and grieve for the love I can't find,

swear I won't come back here again,

that I'm done with you.

Then that last call I make,

your angelic voice captures me again,

my siren, sweetly singing me to my death.

Love is my enemy,

you are my weakness,

forever your captive.

Lost in your eyes,

trying to find someone I used to know.

I used to fall for you all over again,

whenever I heard your voice,

the smile that melts my heart.

Maybe I should just give in,

call it quits and walk away.

All I do is try to love you,

but you always throw me out in the rain.

Still see you in spirit,

but your promises are meaningless,

why am I always playing the fool at the end of the day?

I can't take anymore heartache,

anymore sadness and disappointment,

so I bow to you, wave my white flag,

you win, I forfeit this game.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Couple years old

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