War with myself


Darkness surrounds me,
I fight the rising tide.

Gravity pulls me under,
can barely see the sky.

Been lost for so long,
weight of the world,
crashing, falling down.

I try to break free, surface,
clear the shadows from my eyes.

The dark is cruel and cold,
leaving me stripped and bare.

Can barely remember sunlight,
can't see it anywhere.

Walked alone for much too long,
sunken footsteps in the ground.

'Round in circles,
solution's nowhere to be found.

Reaching out through the rain,
trying to escape my shadow again.

They follow relentlessly, screaming,
always silently.

Only I can see them,
only I can bear them.

Still running, no light ahead,
darkness all around.

Only endless fighting,
with the demons inside,
and I can't make a sound.

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