Bitter Forgiveness


You took without feeling

whatever I had to give,

then cast me aside.

Did I mean anything to you,

or was I just a means to an end?

You wanted love so much,

discarded me once you found something better.

What did you want from me?

Did I not try hard enough?

Did I say the wrong words,

push you away too far?

So much pain you caused me,

yet you remained oblivious.

Being tortured slowly each day,

yet you never cared.

How was I supposed to be with you,

if you were never there?

You blamed me for pushing you away,

but you were never around anyway.

You listened to my cries,

watched my tears and pain.

Promises broken, lives changed forever,

everything's different now.

I've wanted to hate you,

wanted to love you,

wanted to forget you.

We made promises, broken now though,

and tried to stay close.

But you're miles away,

living your own life.

I wish I knew how to forget you,

to stop loving you.

You hurt me so badly,

abandoned me when I needed you most.

But what I want more

than to hate you,

is to forgive you.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

D/T: Robert M. Delgado, also written a long time ago

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