Sides of me

Parts of me

I hear your voice,
a sweetness I seem to embrace.

Here with me one moment,
miles away the next,
we’re not how we used to be.

Once I craved your touch,
now the coldness brings me warmth.

Don’t look into my eyes,
that girl has faded.

I’ve changed, the walls have enclosed me,
blocked you out.

I watch from behind her eyes,
the girl who’s replaced me,
the new mask you see,
is just another side of me.

Just another face,
another extension of me.

My mood shifts like the wind,
fire and ice, loving and cold.

Empathy is my enemy,
apathy is my savior.

I don’t want you to see,
the new phase of me.

I don’t care anymore,
as my heart turns cold,
ice within my chest.

Cuts along my arms,
a blade to my throat,
can’t find a reason to pull it away.

You say you’ve put a rope around me,
but you don’t see,
as I’m still slipping silently.

You haven’t seen the dark side of me,
the thoughts I hide,
when I block you out.

I look away from your eyes,
I don’t want you to see me,
see the side of me people leave behind.

I feel you pull away,
farther as each day passes,
but I just watch you go.

I want to call out to you,
but the words die in my throat.

She controls me now,
the colder side of me.

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