Words spinning inside my head,
so many things that were never said.

Peel off the layers,
find what lies beneath.

Cut to the heart of the matter,
no narcotic to dull the pain,
raw nerves exposed to an open flame.

Questions answered,
hidden truths revealed.

Barriers broken on the ground,
for once no masks to be found.

No more running,
both standing here now.

Fault and misplaced blame,
honesty and forgiveness,
no more games, nothing's the same.

What once was has gone,
learn from it and grow,
stronger than before.

Watching you,
now I know that you see me too.

All that I thought was hidden,
displayed upon a neon sign,
yet I never knew.

Can't run from you,
can't lie or bluff,
you see through everything I do.

All I want to do is scream out to you,
drowning those thoughts and biting my tongue,
but you see it anyway, don't you?

Thought I was invisible,
no, just ignored.

You saw it all, let me believe a lie,
because I needed to feel safe,
while I just watched you walk away.

Left alone wishing you were here,
while someone lies in your arms,
another girl in your mind's eye.

Where do we go from here,
our path, our future is so unclear.

How can I learn to strip away the lies,
stop fighting what you already see inside?

Who'll be the one to run,
who's left naked when all is said and done?

I want to say so much but you already know what is fighting to break free,
swallow the words, because I know it'll never be me.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Everything I thought I knew is nothing compared to the truth.

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