This is my hell

Parts of me

You wonder what could be so wrong in my life,
when so many have it worse.

Have you ever watched the one you loved with all your heart,
kiss another girl?

To lose your best friend day by day,
knowing you weren't enough to make him stay.

Have you ever carried proof of a mistake,
looked into those eyes,
loving and hating them at the same time?

Have you ever loved someone for so long,
though they'd already moved on?

Felt so at ease in their presence,
but all the while knowing they felt nothing for you,
except the shadow of feelings past.

Have you ever loved so many times,
and only ended up alone,
crying yourself to sleep?

Have you ever longed for the sweet kiss of a blade,
sharp against your skin?

Hated your reflection so much,
all you wanted was to give up on it all.

Have you ever moved so many times,
you never knew the meaning of home?

Have you ever wanted to love someone,
to be theirs for a night,
only to have them turn to someone else?

Have you ever accepted help,
only to be hurt and disappointed?

Have you ever opened your heart,
your entire being to someone,
let yourself trust, left vulnerable and unguarded,
only to watch your heart break piece by piece?

Have you ever felt the emotions of others,
overpowering you, drowning out all thought?

This is my life,
welcome to my hell.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

A bit cynical I know, but I was in a testy mood when I wrote it

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