All you do

If you're going to go, then go,

I'm not standing in your way,

I won't stop you from leaving.

I'm tired of the fights,

this time I did nothing wrong,

this time I feel no remorse.

I'm tired of the blame,

of the constant pushing,

so why don't you stop playing,

just walk out of my life.

I'll miss your laugh,

that brilliant smile on your face,

but I won't miss the arguements,

the feelings that just aren't there.

I'm not going to cry,

not going to try to make you stay,

don't expect me to welcome you back,

when you realize I didn't do anything this time.

When you walk out the door,

no tears will fall from my eyes,

I'm not holding anything back.

If you want to be free, then fly,

if you don't want me to care,

then leave, because I'm not going to stop.

You stole my heart,

you were once my angel,

forever fallen from grace.

I'll always love you,

I'm always going to care,

with or without you here.

But if you're going to push me down,

just for helping, for caring,

then I don't need the pain.

Turn around, hide your tears,

the same ones you always cry,

walk away from me,

it's all you ever do anyway.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written a few years ago, just found it again and realized I never posted it

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