if there is pressure

you plus me equals crusher

heart lesser

you give death or pleasure

one question

any suggestion where i should take this answer

your lewd but your my lover

hey cutter

carve my name on your upper left breast

taste my heart for supper

have my love on your breath

eat it up don't break its shape

we could have been so fake


before you were pretty

and i knew i'd have my way forever

we were younger

now i can't find a tear on my face to wander

it is so

you're my 8th wonder

but your so simple

i trust you

its already been bloodier

it wont undo

It can't get any uglier

i think i lost my mind and all my fact

when my heart cracked

i'd leave you if i knew

how to give it back

is this rat race timed

track this jagged maze of water stains

i'd rather go blind

just in case you walked away tamed

love is wild and the beasts reigned all my days

glorious and famed

there is no cage in this openness

in two lovers who's the culprits

crying screams sing the opus

hearts sacrifice to the pulpits

heroes look like poets

lovers don't act like rodents

hour glass has tracked all the moments

now it's mass

your secrets are in our closeness

you've burned all your bridges

we pulled fixed straws

rather see you sprawled on crucifixes

as a thorn kisses your skin and splinters in

if there is pressure

demented together

so i've repented

for detrimental pleasure

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