An Offering

I've been loving in the same pattern

In lonesome stammer

Whispering poetic grammar at the thought that your listening

Here's my big brown eyes in shimmering hue

Calling out for you

In the closeness that doesn't caress

There is no finesse in writing over a heart broken mess

With looks that are smiting

Sometimes I wonder why I have bothered

In the mirror gawking

I have the appearance of being awkward

And any off word

Could off set

My heart is dangling I must manage for it to not hit ground yet

Hard when feeling your love is counterfeit

I broke motion

Commenced to begging

Its killing me

Root to rhyme never started

With being cold hearted

But I've often found it to replace rewritten words

Can't decry tears

I found truth easy to deface

But you can't erase a face of expressions

Add it to the box full of suppressions

Often over looked by first impressions

You could be my answer

But your not

Humble the man

Imagine him dead

The love child cradled

Even when life failed and fabled

In the memory where you're either hailed or labeled

Either way is fatal

Looking back on now

Wonder what I would do then

Make movement

In an old mans mind afraid to let youth in

Struggle as do most

What we sub come to post houmous

But nothing is humorous as ghost

I've heard numerous boasts no ones have nerved as if it was usual

Every word is a casket

My mind is a mass funeral

Define my die time as beautiful

Nonchalant poet

Refuse to live the lore that you daunt

Take my heart and slow it

Take time to read the words that you want


I've longed for your embraces

Not vying for replacements

I've spent trial and error trying

Nothing left to mire

Commit to the mile in my shoe and fathom smiling

Forget to mention that you'd tire

Whether your in health or in dire

Even if I are the words that upset the upsetter

Where you are has been the perfect weather

The sooner you are unnerved the sooner we'll be together...


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