You vs. Him

How could I let you touch me that way?

How could I say that I always loved you?

How could I do with you the things that I hate?

How could I once again, play so well the fool?

Your love, it makes me feel so soiled

Your love, it feels way worse than rape

Your love left my heart dead and spoiled

Your love is like hell without escape

I can't believe he touched me that way

I can't believe he said "I love you"

I can't believe he makes me love what I hate

I can't believe he won't let me act a fool

His love, it helps make me believe

His love, it feels better than a first high

His love leaves me raptured in ecstasy

His love is like heaven every single time

It's you vs. him, and your chances are slim

The comparison is foolish enough to make me laugh

It's you vs. him, and I'm sure he's gonna win

Just stop before I'm forced to rip your heart in half

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