Life of Lies

Where is my hope, where is my pride

Just a ball of pain on the cold hard floor

Starting from day one I had always believed

My life was happy devoid of problems

But I grew older, I grew wiser

Everything was sugar-coated, was a lie

And it hurts, but you can’t change the past

A small hole of light was burned

In the black canvass that made up my life

You held me as I cried

Found the truth behind the lies

But you, too, had lied

And the bitter aftertaste remains

Metallic like blood, salty like tears

That blood was from my bleeding heart

And those tears were from my gray-green eyes

And all that bitterness was my pain

The light is always doused out

By a double coating of black

Dark as moonless night

When will they learn, lie hurt

Like a knife to the chest

And I’m left the hole

Believing less and less in my life of lies

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