Two Double-O Six

Two Double-O Six

It’s the first day of

Two double-o-six

And I’m starting this year

With problems to fix

My lack of pride

Drinking just enough

To give me a little high

I’m not “a” one not ride

I’m loving the year of

Two double-o six

A house full of angry people

And the smell of cigarettes

He never cared to call

She never made it home

I’m falling against the wall

I’m still their porcelain doll

My first heartaches of

Two double-o six

Sad songs and suicide

Just aren’t the safest mix

I wanna cut, wanna bleed

Remembering the vandal’s

Unforgivable deed

On this my pain will feed

Let’s just begin

Two double-o six

Building New Year’s resolutions

On foundations of rotting sticks

My bruises still ache

Mamma still betrays

It’s me that I still hate

And I still can’t let go

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