Seventeen Scars

#1 for all my pent up anger

#2 for rough hands against my skin

#3 is a little too deep, I�m in danger

#4 has the sensation of sweet sin

I�ll give you something to believe, to trust

The blood upon my wrist is no lie

Is seventeen scars for seventeen years enough?

The razorblade clenched in my fist is no lie

#5 for another stupid fight

#6 for the dark that I fear

#7 hurts, my chest goes tight

#8 brings on the tears

If you don�t listen I�ll give you something to regret

My bleeding wrist never has lied

Seventeen scars for a warning, a threat

The blade in my fist seduces, but never lied

#9 for the molested child

#10 for his betrayal between my thighs

#11 makes my emotions run wild

#12 is too shallow, sorry, nice try

I�ll give you a way to understand

My wrist won�t stop bleeding, it�s NOT A DAMN LIE

Seventeen scars crafted with my own hand

The razor my fist won�t stop feeding, it�s NOT A DAMN LIE

#13 for my mother who doesn�t care

#14 for the critical voices in my head

#15 reminds me that my father wasn�t there

#16 just stained the sheets on my bed

I�ll give you a reason to cry

The blood spilt from my wrist is drying, didn�t lie

Seventeen scars always asking me �Why?�

Across my room the razor�s flying, didn�t lie

#17 hit a main blood vessel

#17 Down my spine, sends chills

#17 for my life, begins to wrestle

#17 is the type that kills

I�ve given myself a reason to question

My bloodied wrist sold me a lie

Seventeen scars have taught me a lesson

The blade thrown away sold my wrist a lie

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