Clouded Jem

I see how you wtch those wild, uncut diamond

Beautiful, despite their flaws, in your eyes

And there is a rock, grey-brown, and ugly

No value, no meaning, yet you clutch it to your side

Deiscard me, unpolished, imperfec, different

Like a black pearl in a pile of white

I always thought black pearls were precious

Yet you hang on pitifully to that ugly sight

You passed me away for free, sign away claim

You're a dealer, yet you don't know how to trade

Tos me from hand to hand, my beauty they abrate

And through all the strife, the loveliness begins to fade

Sometimes my cloudiness goes away

And they polish me rougher, and scar me deep

They just don't seem to understand or know

That through those wound, this faded jewel can weep

Author's Notes/Comments: 

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