When I Find You (When You Find Me)

When I find you hanging

In my fingers, your hair is twined

As I break down, as I cry

Remember when we used to smile

And we didn’t cry for that short while?

You’re the only one who saw the mud

That made my life, and all my blood

Such a beautiful angel

To have died strangled

When I find you bleeding

My eyes will mist, and then they’ll glaze

And you’ll hear me whisper, hear me say

Why does she always insist to hide

Her wings so soft, so gray, so fin?

Her face so pained, angelic, pail

Those limbs broken, thin, and frail

Above me high

She used to fly

When you find me I’ll be

Silently screaming

All my old wounds bleeding

My mask unforgivably peeling

My body numb, left with no feeling

My skin so white, so dead, so cold

My heart broken, pride less bold

My black wings ripped, slashed and torn

In my side, stuck a black thorn

And when I finally find you lying

I will join you, do the same

We can stay together, numb with pain

Will we etch and paint word on walls?

With that knife, and our blood that falls?

I’ll hold you close as we grow dead

To the world, our lives stained red

You and me, they’ll never understand

So please don’t ever stop holding my hand

Author's Notes/Comments: 

a retalliation to my friend Nofer'z poem...here http://www.postpoems.com/cgi-bin/displaypoem.cgi?pid=497134

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