I Hate

I hate myself when I begin to cry

I hate every smile on my face

I hate all the pain I sometimes feel

And I hate every piece of cold metal

That has ever given my skin a bitter caress

I hate myself 'cause I'm a waste of time

I hate every thought of suicide

I hate all the sad songs I listened to

And I hate all the voices in my head

That are nothing more than me raping myself

I hate myself for forgiving him

I hate every chunk of fat on my thighs

I hate all the lies I've ever been told

And I hate all the attention and love

That I'm costantly pushing away from me

I hate myself for my lack of pride

I hate every excuse I use to justify

I hate all the times I excpected more out of her

And I hate every distant memory

That has ever given me reason to want to die

And I guess what I'm hating most

Is the fact that deep down I've always hated me

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I hate myself....yay

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