Letter for Mom

Wishing for comfort

Of what once was my solace

Near you

But I can't touch that

Not anymore

I've forced my way out

Cast myself into the cold

Locked myself in the dark

But now I'm sick of it

I wish you could see the way I cry

But if you did, would it make a difference?

You're my ache

You're my pain

I feel forsaken, is this true?

Are you glad I'm gone?

No, this couldn't be

Oh God help me

You, Mom, you help me

Or is it too much? Just like everything else?

I call, you don't return

I want to see you cry the way that I do

See you fall like I do

Se the way I cry every night for you

No, I can't wish that

Not upon you

Cause no matter what

You're my mom, and I love you

I love you

And this letter is for you..

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