Letting Go

When I was younger I believed

All the best in the world of you

But now that I'm gone I'll never be relieved

Of your shadows lingering behind me

All along I was something to be ignored

So you'll never see my battle scars

My innocence never was adored

So now my tears are all that I'll bleed

Mamma forget I was ever beside you

Your house will never again be my home

When I was younger I hoped

All along you'd come to save me

But those dreams were burned and smoked

Just drink away the last of your sanity

I know back then you couldn't stay

But did that mean you had to leave me?

On my fingers I could count the ways

That maybe I could have been saved

Daddy remember you never were beside me

Your house never was or will be my home

Take a good look into these green eyes

That you can never fully understand

I'm now someone you'll never recognize

But it's me having trouble letting go

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