A little taste of rapture, hit number one

Sigh as her brain starts tingling

the devil won't let go, not until she's done

The snow still falls outside her window...

And now she cries, hit number two

At first it was for the pain, but now

It's for self pity, she's such a fool

When did she start feeling so hopeless...

Stuck in the cycle, hit number three

Thoughts of the boy come to her mind

Could he accept her when she's so weak?

There's no one to make her stop...

Suck on the can, hit number five

Killing her mind and lungs

Stupid girl, why are you still alive?

All of this for a five minute high...

She can't keep her head straight

can't name a familiar face

She can barely count to eight

The hit reduced her to absolutely nothing...

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This was written like.. last january? <<;;

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